Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mareact pala ko - Feedback to Fajardo sorry for 'creative outburst' at Duty Free

This is an email i sent to ABS CBN news way back in March 2009 when i was so piqued with the Boyet Fajardo news.


I read your column and was disgusted at Boyet Fajardo's lame excuse for berating his fellow Filipino due to his stress. And I cannot believe that he will dare call his outburst "creative". I am an accountant and not an artist but if I get tired at the financial reports I am reviewing, I don't think I have the right to have a public outburst - or a "financial outburst", let alone cuss at people around me and point fingers at them.

In my mind, he is a very arrogant person who thinks anyone who earns less money than him is below him, in all aspects.

His spokesman advised that the petitioners should consider his rising international status before pursuing the boycott - I daresay, the petitioners should!!!!

We would not want a Filipino going overseas and with that kind of attitude and representing Filipinos in a wrong way. I know our economy needs a boost but i would not want to sacrifice our reputation. We're hardworking and talented people, not arrogant hardworking talented people.

I hope that the Duty Free Employees' Association will pursue their complaints with the Commission on Human Rights and that he will get penalized for the act that he has done and personally apologize to the people he hurt.

His lame excuse for "creative outburst" just would not cut it.

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